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Tordama and Xentonio by Kaithunderstone75 Tordama and Xentonio :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 14 2 Silica by Kaithunderstone75 Silica :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 11 1 Shaya [Kaida's Shark Form] by Kaithunderstone75 Shaya [Kaida's Shark Form] :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 18 3
WG Fun At Yori's Lounge Bakery
[Heads Up, this is a WG story. Containing fattening]
It was a pleasant day. The sun was shining, pleasing blue skies and the birds were chirping happily. In her backyard, Rithera was enjoying her in lounging chair taking a good nap. "Hi Rithy!" Said Yori as she walked into the backyard gate. Rithera woke up. "Oh hey Yori. How's it been?" 
"Everything has been alright. How's your day going?" Rithera rubbed her belly slightly. "Good. Though I am kinda hungry though." Yori walk up to her and pressed her hand her stomach. Rithera blushed and giggled slightly. Then Yori thought of a idea. "Hey Rithera, want to go to my bakery?" Yori said happily. "Sure!", replied Rithera has her face lit up with excitement. So the both of them walked down to Yori's bakery. 
Rithera was surprised to see that her friend had a bakery. Rithera's belly started to grumble noisily. That told her that she is more hungry then before. "Well, welcome to my bakery Rithera!" Said Yori with a Happy grin
:iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 1 1
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Mature content
Yori's Hyper Body by DaeBelly :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 12 4
Seriousness  by Kaithunderstone75 Seriousness :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 5 0 [Art-Trade] - Hot Dog Eating Contest by Kaithunderstone75 [Art-Trade] - Hot Dog Eating Contest :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 7 3 Morana Zora [Custom Character] by Kaithunderstone75 Morana Zora [Custom Character] :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 10 7 [Collab] - Sweet Taste Of Ice Cream by Kaithunderstone75 [Collab] - Sweet Taste Of Ice Cream :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 12 5 [Collab] - Marco Troubles by Kaithunderstone75 [Collab] - Marco Troubles :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 8 3 [Request] - Dragified Zalys by Kaithunderstone75 [Request] - Dragified Zalys :iconkaithunderstone75:Kaithunderstone75 10 1
My new and finished pieces of art.


Ray and Rexy by MathewH88 Ray and Rexy :iconmathewh88:MathewH88 13 76 [gift]Preggo Michelle by Bio-Omega [gift]Preggo Michelle :iconbio-omega:Bio-Omega 16 12 COMM: Levi by ishibu COMM: Levi :iconishibu:ishibu 287 9 [CM]Pregnant ray (part 3) by Bio-Omega [CM]Pregnant ray (part 3) :iconbio-omega:Bio-Omega 12 36 Jessing with Nile by Deliveredmean42 Jessing with Nile :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 65 9 Don't Be Shy .:COMM:. by Mama-MooMoo Don't Be Shy .:COMM:. :iconmama-moomoo:Mama-MooMoo 18 5 NBM - Big Smol Oa by DaeBelly NBM - Big Smol Oa :icondaebelly:DaeBelly 31 3 Comm: Skylar - Full Belly by ViroVeteruscy Comm: Skylar - Full Belly :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 35 9 Collab - Her little Static by Deliveredmean42 Collab - Her little Static :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 39 13 Dragon Mama Olivia by Deliveredmean42 Dragon Mama Olivia :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 34 5 CM- Eva inflation by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Eva inflation :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 762 57 CM- Eva and   Becky by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Eva and Becky :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 448 13 CM- impending inflation by Kojiro-Brushard CM- impending inflation :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 593 22 CM- Inflation Nigh by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Inflation Nigh :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 881 28 [gift]Dont Eat My Friends!! by Bio-Omega [gift]Dont Eat My Friends!! :iconbio-omega:Bio-Omega 21 11 Chloe the raccoon by Deliveredmean42 Chloe the raccoon :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 16 4
Art from other artists whose artwork is incredible!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
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WARNING: My art may be NSFW so just a heads up.

A furry & fetish artist, a big dragon fan and a orchestral/edm producer.

Draws Pregnancy, chubby/fat furs, micro/macro, hyper, inflation [liquid or air], humanoids
humans, Pokémon, action, sexy/cute teasing poses, growth, feral and transformation

Will NOT draw intense gore or any gore, corruption, foot fetishes, sex [just no], watersports,
tentacles, diaper furs, rape, bondage or scat

I RP but only when I am open.


Tordama and Xentonio
Oh my. Well look at this, Tordama seems to have become preggo! ^^ But Xen doesn't doesn't mind it one bit though. 
So her is a pic of Tordama with her sweet hearted dragon Xentonio, my next new oc character.
Hope you like
Art and characters belong to me 
Ozkvin species belongs to DaeBelly and The-Amazing-Spoon 
Hello everyone, Another YCH Request is open and this time your character will be turned into a sexy, cute and busty dragoness. So here are the rules and please follow them, I would appreciate it.                                                                        
  • No kinks such as corruption, bondages, tentacles, weird body parts like elongated sex organs and etc.                           
  • One or two per person.                                                                               
  • It can be SFW or NSFW.                                                                                 
  •  7 to 12 slots will be opened.                                                                               
  • Send me a link of your character in the comment section or if you want it private, note me.                                           
  • You can alter the body size if you want.                                                                                 
  • Here is the pose that your character would be in.                                                                 
  • Alright, everything is ready go!  
  • slot 1 crazy1997 [COMPLETED]

  • slot 2 :iconlambozilla: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 3 :iconchubgreen: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 4 :iconchubgreen: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 5 :iconlandasher12: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 6 :icondarkhorseartie89: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 7 :iconmysticalbearbun: [CONPLETED]

  • slot 8 :icontvideshow: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 9 :iconbio-omega: [COMPETED]

  • slot 10 :icondaebelly: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 11 :iconvolttecher: [COMPLETED]

  • slot 12 :iconraventhewarrior:                                                                                                                          YCH Requests Busty Dragification  by Kaithunderstone75

Hello everyone, Another YCH Request is open and this time you choose one of this poses for your characters! So here are the rules and please follow them, I would appreciate it.

No kinks such as corruption, bondages, tentacles, weird body parts like elongated sex organs and etc.
Furry Humanoids or Furries are allowed.
OC's are Available.
One or two per person. Meaning they can be the same pose or different. :)
It can be SFW or NSFW.
Your Choosing.
9 slots will be available.
Send me a link of your character in the comment section or if you want it private, note me. :)
Alright. Everythings is set and ready to go! :D

YCH Requests Your Choosing!!!! by Kaithunderstone75YCH Requests Your Choosing #2 by Kaithunderstone75
1. :icondarkhorseartie89: COMPLETED
2. :icondaebelly: COMPLETED
3. :iconlandasher12: COMPLETED
4. :icontheballoonmaker: COMPLETED
5. :icondeliveredmean42: COMPLETED
6. :iconviper9000: COMPLETED
7. :iconbio-omega: COMPLETED

8. :iconlandasher12: COMPLETED


Hey guys, I'm now on Furaffinity and Tumblr!
I will be exploring them for a while. Also I met some awesome artists on there too. It's so exciting!
Here are the links to find me…

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